Fodder wheat is intended for non-food purposes (mainly as a part of fodder for animals). A mixed fodder is produced from fodder wheat in the form of large granules (pellets). Wheat contains a high rate of vitamins B and E and a percentage of full protein of 11-15%. Fodder wheat is the nutritional base in pig and poultry farming, and an important component of cattle farming.



Barley is one of the most important (after wheat), widespread and high-yielding spiked crops. Barley is considered to be an excellent fodder for horses, pigs and any dairy cattle. It is also used as raw material for brewing and in production of pearl barley and barley groats.



Oats is a valuable food and fodder crop. It is an indispensable fodder for horses, herbivores and farm birds. It is also used for production of cereals, uncrushed groats, squashed groats, oatmeal, flour used for dietary and baby food, kissels and biscuits.



Our company deals with various feed grains, and is not limited to the above-mentioned types. More detailed information can be obtained by sending a request to our e-mail.