Sunflower cake

Sunflower cake (pelletised) is a pressed mass of sunflower seeds obtained during the process of sunflower oil extraction. The residual amount of sunflower oil in the cake can reach up to 15%.

Sunflower cake is used in livestock farming in the form of feed additives, by adding it in a pure form directly to livestock nutrition or with a mixed fodder.

Sunflower cake is a high-energy, nutritious product; it is rich in fats, crude protein, phospholipids, beta-carotene, vitamins E and B. It surpasses any cereal culture in terms of quality.

Sunflower cake is traditionally used in the feeding of cattle, pigs, horses, rabbits, poultry and fish. It stimulates the growth of young animals, has a beneficial effect on metabolism, improves the egg-laying of poultry and strengthens immune system.

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